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2010-06-23 10:21 pm

PUBLIC POST: how to make half-way decent inserts for your camera bag

the reason I'm doing this is because I found very few guides online showing how to make your own inserts. the few I did find would work, I suppose, but were just foam covered in duct tape. so now, having made my own inserts, I feel I should share the ~fruits of my labor~ and show how I did it.

SO, here is a step-by step guide, complete with pictures, on how to make fairly attractive, completely functional inserts.

the finished product, to tempt you:


(side note: I was going to buy a more ~serious~ fabric like stripes or plaid, but couldn't find one I liked. this one reminded me of harry potter so, naturally, I had to buy it. so no mocking it.)

my total cost was about $35, so the average cost of this project will probably be between $20 and $40, depending on your materials. but for that cost, I made five, fully-padded inserts. domke inserts (which are not even padded on the bottom) run between $20 and $40 apiece.

warning: these instructions are written as though you are a complete idiot. just in case.

here's how you do it: )
2010-03-20 02:25 pm

rape culture

here's my research paper. I'd really, really appreciate constructive criticism, as it's due tomorrow and I'm still worried (doesn't help that I've gone 700 words over the limit. I really can't stay within the word count limit, can I?) that it isn't good enough.

Living in a Rapist's World: Rape Culture in Contemporary America )
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I got your card, [livejournal.com profile] itsbemisbitch! It's so cute, tysm!

I've totally been MIA but my computer is off (hopefully) getting fixed

If my hard drive has to be wiped out I'll be :( because the only stuff not backed up is recent sims data, meaning gavle and stockholm will be gone D: